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Mr. Cube

[ Custom Sales Solutions ]
There is no one size fits all or out of the box software that can meet all the needs of your sales force.

Every business requires a unique approach to its sales and prospecting needs. Depending on the product, services, and geographical area, the approaches may be different. We focus on your sales process and partner with your team to craft a system specifically designed for you. Now, you will no longer need to adapt to software, the custom software we design will be perfect for your sales process.
Aqua Solutions

Our recommendations may include software that addresses the below needs:

Digital Sales Order Forms
Transform all paper and web-based forms into your own custom business forms
Improved Sales Work-Flow
Increase sales person efficiency, follow-ups, training, and sales-related performance
Real-time Oversight
Give managers and owners the ability to see and monitor each step of a sales person’s activity
Custom Triggers
Create triggers for proposals, follow-ups, emails, and orders to control expectancy and efficiency
Integration with Inventory
Optimize your inventory management and inventory control
Integrated Financials
Connect your custom sales tools with Quick Books or other accounting software