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Mr. Cube

Manufacturing Sales Representatives

Accelerate sales performance by gaining more visibility into commissionable payouts. Make commissions data transparent by eliminating weak accounting that gets in the way of profits.

There’s more to your business than the sales of manufacturing products. Cube Chatter can build a complete cloud-based manufacturing system to benefit your entire organization. No two businesses are the same and there’s no out-the-box software that includes the power of flexibility to adapt to your business. That is why companies are turning to Cube Chatter to design custom systems that are based on their specific needs and requirements.

Integrated Operations

CRM to manage customers. territory, and products/parts installation management.

Streamline Communications

Use MS Outlook and/or Gmail to stay connected. Implement a Global calendar system to manage your company’s activity

Financials Integration

Connect to QuickBooks, and have invoices, purchase orders, order forms and commission reports easily accessible

Access Anywhere

Cloud-based software allows you to run your entire global supply chain, warehouse network from anywhere